The Tempur guide to a perfect night’s sleep...

A great night’s sleep is all about harmony. That’s why Tempur don’t only make great mattress they provide superbly designed beds and perfect pillows. Each complementing the other, to offer the kindest most relaxing night’s sleep possible.

Three steps to sleep heaven.


At the heart of a great night’s sleep? Of course... a deliciously comfortable mattress. Without a quality mattress how can anyone expect to wake rested and refreshed? Your health and your wellness depend on it. And a superior mattress isn’t just key to a healthy night’s sleep, it’s central to a calm, happy and healthy life too.

So what better brand to depend on than Tempur? Beautifully made mattresses that offer a wide range of feels and comfort levels. Now, whatever your sleep style you can rest assured that there’s a mattress that’s right for you. With a 15 year guarantee, special hypoallergenic properties and a unique support technology designed to reduce disruptive tossing and turning why not have a great night’s sleep... every night?

Good morning world!!!


Whether you’re looking to make a style statement, seeking extra storage or simply want the most comfortable night’s sleep imaginable, Tempur have a bed that’s right for you. From classy bedsteads offering traditional designs and elegant contemporary styles to adjustable beds with push button comfort control to our wide range of perfectly practical ottoman beds sharing huge linen, duvet and blanket storage space.


The super sleep double act - a perfect mattress complemented with a perfect pillow. Luxurious pillows designed to meet your exact sleep comfort needs whatever your shape, size and sleeping style.

Guaranteed for 3 years each, a Tempur pillow is carefully made to offer relaxing head and neck support...all night... every night. Your perfect pillow is waiting... chose it today!