Tempur Cloud Deluxe 27 Mattress

The Tempur Cloud Deluxe 27 Mattress is the comfiest and cosiest of our Cloud Collection. This luxurious high end addition to our range allows for the ultimate support and comfort with quality that will leave other mattresses in its wake. 

  • Quick speed delivery available....for free!
  • 10 year guarantee on all Tempur mattresses
  • Extra comfort layer for sound sleep and relaxation
  • Available on a range of bed bases to suit your style.
  • No turning necessary


Euro King7 - 21 days£3,399.00£2,015.00
Super Kingin stock24hr Dispatch£3,625.00£1,904.00
Kingin stock24hr Dispatch£3,199.00£1,727.00
Doublein stock24hr Dispatch£2,875.00£1,509.00
Half King7 - 21 days£1,759.00£1,119.00
Single (Long)7 - 21 days£1,999.00£1,119.00
Single (Standard)7 - 21 days£1,999.00£1,053.00
Our price: £1,053.00

The flexible material redistributes body weight evenly and fully supports your entire body, guaranteeing a perfect night’s sleep free from ‘tossing and turning’ on uncomfortable springs and materials. The double 8cm support layer is the ultimate supportive structure. The Tempur Cloud Deluxe 27 Mattress redistributes your body weight evenly to reduce pressure points. Is it any wonder that the Tempur Cloud 27 mattress and nights of long, luxurious sleep are on such intimate terms?


A. Added Comfort - 1.5cm soft quilted Tempur HD deluxe layer
B. Added Luxury - 2.5cm extra-soft layer 
C. Added Support - 7cm Tempur comfortable support layer 
D. Added Relaxation -8cm pressure point support 
E. Added Value – additional 8cm support structure

This mattress can be used on a variety of bed bases and is available in all the traditional mattress sizes. Designed for ease of care and cleanliness, this Tempur Mattress comes with hypoallergenic covers that can be easily removed for washing and made from antimicrobial treated materials.

Delivery can be available in 24hrs, with our two-man delivery team carrying it straight to your room.

With no hassle delivery and competitive savings, the Tempur Cloud 27 Deluxe is for the sleep and mattress ‘connoisseur’. Slip into perfect slumber every night with this exquisite addition to our collection.

Not quite your style or price? Why not call us for today’s best price? 

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