Sealy have a mission to create a nation of deeper sleepers, they are committed to the level of research and product development that goes into each of their items; they understand that when it comes to a good night’s sleep, comfort and security is paramount, and at Booths Furniture we are keen to stock a product range that will provide our customers with what they need to find comfort in their bedrooms. 

With an extensive range of products, Sealy have used their innovative technology to design each Sealy mattress and bed to suit a range of requirements from their customers, and as a family run company, at Booth’s Furniture we understand the importance of taking into consideration individual needs when it comes to a good night’s sleep. 

Sealy Mattress 

You should look to replace your mattress every eight years, and if you choose a Sealy Mattress you can be sure that you’re getting so much more than just comfort. Their extensive research into each of their products has allowed them to create a range of mattresses that have been designed to support each part of your body as you sleep, helping you get a higher quality of sleep and not just focusing on the quantity. 

It’s important to understand your needs for a good night’s sleep before embarking on the purchase of your new Sealy Mattress, that’s why at Booth’s Furniture we are keen to assist our customers with any questions about what will work for them. Sealy Mattresses are created with ergonomics and orthopaedic purposes in mind, engineered to improve the quality of sleep; whether you’re looking for superior support of the Posturepedic Profile Collection, or a softer feel from the Pocket Collection. Sealy’s patented Posture Tech 600 spring system guarantees even weight distribution, whilst their Unicase design offers edge to edge support across the entire mattress. 

Sealy Beds 

A new bed must create a space that not only provides you with the comfort and security for a good night’s sleep, but also complement the interior design of your bedroom and at Sealy they have taken this into consideration with each Sealy Bed. 
Each Sealy Bed has been engineered with specific features to ensure the health of the users, as well as providing a good night’s sleep which focuses on the quality not just the quantity. Sealy beds are designed in a range of finishes and sizes, to allow you the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality bed that will stand the test of time.