Buy your Mattress and Bed Separately

In many cases this means disposing of a perfectly acceptable divan since the matching mattress offered outlasted its lifespan.

What could be the alternative?

With a separate stand-alone bed frame you buy the frame and then select, from all in the available mattresses, the exact one that you want. You are not tied down to a limited selection, or to the products of only one manufacturer. This means that you can buy a stylish frame and then get mattress made from foam, springs, latex foam or some other material.

The other big positive about buying the bed frame as an independent unit is the choice that becomes open to you in terms of design and style.

Bed frames come manufactured from many different woods and cast iron and other metals. You can have a simple tubular metal framework, or you can go with an elaborate and intricately detailed hardwood timber four-poster which has a canopy and curtains. You can select a traditional design, or go for a much more contemporary or even hi-tec creation that targets on minimalism or modern fine art.

Back down to earth a little bit more, and normal retailer bed frames do come in a near unlimited supply of styles and colours. The most crucial features are often this headboards and foot boards and both can incorporate lattice designs (thrown iron) or carvings together with mouldings (timber).

There is a broad selection of mattresses, beds and pillows that Tempur offers to the general public. Don't wait around; pick a mattress, pillow and bed frame today to ensure you build the perfect Tempur bed for your bedroom!